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Boy you know you get me high ♥

To the top of the world~

Jocelyn is the bomb! ♥
28 November

Time square can't shine as bright as you ♥

Sweetrhapsodies ♥

Cold as fire baby, hot as ice

Acoustics Cupcakes Candy-floss Disney Princesses Lyrics Music Photography SHOWSTOPPIN'!

I love acoustics with every bit of my bitter heart, and yes i can talk about anything like, crayons for like ten minutes and still have too much to say. I get a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to food and princessy things and I change my mind a couple hundred times a day but that's okay, because we can kill them all with kindness. I don't make sense most of the time, and I can't do the One-Two Step. Automatic, Supersonic, Hypnotic, Funky Fresh..Whatever, but I like it. So swing over here Mr. DJ and we will, we will rock you.

In other words, there's too much green to feel blue.


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